ATS eLearning Platform

Start learning today and unlock your unlimited potential

People should train where, when, and how they want!

ATS eLearning is an all-in-one, cloud-based solution designed to empower the potential of organizations by creating, delivering, and tracking online training and providing users with the essential tools necessary to build eLearning programs for their employees and customers. ATS eLearning combines collaborative tools with the power of an LMS, transforming how businesses increase speed to onboarding, development, enablement, and employee training with ease and flexibility.

We view learning as a continual process that never ends, and for us to excel in the 21st-century tech-savvy world, we must acquire new skills, garner new knowledge, and become critical thinkers. To accomplish this, we will continue to align ourselves with our customers as business partners to help them achieve their desired objectives by delivering high-quality, impactful training content that educates and empowers their employees.

Key features of the ATS eLearning platform:

  • Customers have unlimited access to more than 400 courses and 5,000 plus SCORM Compliant training modules. 
  • Access to our LMS platform and training courses from any computer, tablet, or smartphone device 24/7, with and without internet access.
  • We offer bite-sized lessons to help learners retain information faster.
  • Customers’ can customize quizzes and reference guides to meet their specific requirements.
  • A certificate of achievement for every course completed showcasing employees’ accomplishments.
  • Flexible, self-paced learning that fits employees’ schedules and lifestyles.
  • Goal tracking with daily streaks and time spent learning so employees can see their progress.

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